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New "INDYCAST" Podcast

Over the years I've done a few interviews for "THE INDYCAST" podcast to discuss the Richard Amsel website and documentary. The podcast is run by Ed Dolista and Mitch Hallock, and is dedicated to all things Indiana Jones. Amsel's artwork for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK remains an important part of both his and the film's legacy, so whenever I go on the show, it brings out the fanboy in me.

This recent podcast is their last for 2020, and runs a whopping 3 hours. My segment starts at the 59 minute mark, and ends at 1:55. Like my other interview for HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS, I go into some detail about the status of the film, the specifics of Richard Amsel's estate, and the long delayed development of an art book.

Whenever I do these audio interviews, I tell people to drink a shot every time I mumble "ummm..." It makes for a dangerously toxic drinking game.

Some names dropped during the interview: Drew Struzan, Paul Shipper, Greg & Tim Hildebrandt, Tom Jung, Bob & Tom Peak, Steve Chorney, Mark Raats, Sam J. Jones, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John & Andrea Alvin, Gary Bralow, Judy Goldman, Erik Sharkey, and Kevin Burke.

You can check out the podcast here:


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