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Just as J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell did with their covers for The Saturday Evening Post, Richard Amsel established a lengthy and fruitful relationship with TV Guide -- illustrating more covers than any other artist, with the sole exceptions of Al Hirschfeld (tied at 37), and Bob Peak (who leads at 39).


Thirty-seven of Amsel's covers were published, while at least another three were either unused or relegated to feature stories. (I'm still trying to verify the exact number.) Amsel also contributed illustrations featured inside the entertainment magazine.


For more information on the art of TV Guide, check out Jerry Alten's book (right), which includes information on Amsel's contributions.


Richard Amsel made a number of illustrations for TV GUIDE in addition to the covers. Naturally, finding them is a much greater challenge. (Thanks to Chris Smith and Judy Goldman for their help!)


Left: A portrait of actor Gary Coleman, from the Feb. 1, 1986 issue, was unique in that it was published posthumously -- less than three months after Amsel's death. I suspect it was originally developed as a proposed cover story, but for whatever reason was postponed and relegated to a featurette.


Center and right:  DYNASTY ads, done in pencil

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