By no means complete, this page includes Amsel's personal and portfolio projects, book and magazine covers, advertisements, as well as entertainment illustrations outside the realm of album artwork and movie and concert posters. As most of this work comes from Amsel's early career, finding quality images is often difficult -- so, too, is verifying Amsel's authorship when his signature is not easily visible.


I feel this represents an extraordinary period for the artist, as he obviously juggled many different projects for a wide assortment of clients -- including the magazines Time, Argosy, Good Housekeeping, GQ, Ladies Home Journal, and book publishers like Ballantine and Signet. (Where the heck did he find the time?)


As with the other galleries, works are presented in "best guess" chronological order, as a number of pieces are undated, or little information remains accessible after so many years have passed. Please contact me if you have any more information or corrections.

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