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Here are the 37 published covers Amsel did for TV GUIDE.

1) 16-Dec-72 Duke & Duchess of Windsor 
2) 19-May-73 Mary Tyler Moore 
3) 16-Mar-74 Carole Burnett & Vicki Lawrence 
4) 6-Jul-74 Lucille Ball 
5) 2-Aug-75 Mike Douglas 
6) 17-Jan-76 Angie Dickinson & Earl Holliman 
7) 6-Nov-76 Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh 
8) 11-Dec-76 Valerie Harper
9) 8-Oct-77 Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond 
10) 19-Nov-77 Frank Sinatra 
11) 8-Apr-78 Alice 
12) 20-May-78 Three's Company 
13) 4-Nov-78 John Travolta 
14) 27-Jan-79 Katharine Hepburn 
15) 19-May-79 Cindy Williams & Penny Marshall 
16) 1-Sep-79 Miss America 
17) 10-May-80 One Day at a Time
18) 21-Jun-80 Robert Wagner & Stephanie Powers
19) 6-Sep-80 Richard Chamberlain / Shogun

20) 28-Mar-81 Johnny Carson

21) 25-Jul-81 Prince Charles & Lady Diana 
22) 19-Sep-81 Kate Mulgrew 
23) 24-Apr-82 Ingrid Bergman 
24) 3-Jul-82 Ted Knight/Too Close for Comfort
25) 5-Feb-83 Cheryl Ladd 
26) 9-Apr-83 Elvis Presley 
27) 30-Apr-83 Tom Selleck
28) 21-May-83 Bob Hope
29) 3-Sep-83 All in the Family 
30) 24-Sep-83 Three's Company 
31) 12-Nov-83 The Kennedys 
32) 21-Apr-84 The Far Pavillions 
33) 29-Sep-84 Mary Tyler Moore & James Garner 
34) 2-Feb-85 Sharon Gless & Tyne Daly 
35) 22-Jun-85 Nancy Reagan 
36) 27-Jul-85 Miami Vice
37) 26-Oct-85 Brokaw, Jennings & Rather


Amsel did at least 3 covers that were either not published, or relegated to feature stories.

Below is one of the unpublished covers: Lindsay Wagner, THE BIONIC WOMAN


Behind the scenes of concept sketches, final illustrations, and triva regarding Amsel's TV GUIDE work.

They're listed here in chronological order.

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