Just as J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell did with their covers for The Saturday Evening Post, Richard Amsel established a lengthy and fruitful relationship with TV Guide -- illustrating more covers than any other artist, with the sole exceptions of Al Hirschfeld (tied at 37), and Bob Peak (who leads at 39).


Thirty-seven of Amsel's covers were published, while at least another three were either unused or relegated to feature stories. (I'm still trying to verify the exact number.) Amsel also contributed illustrations featured inside the entertainment magazine.


For more information on the art of TV Guide, check out Jerry Alten's book (right), which includes information on Amsel's contributions.

1) 16-Dec-72 Duke & Duchess of Windsor 
2) 19-May-73 Mary Tyler Moore 
3) 16-Mar-74 Carole Burnett & Vicki Lawrence 
4) 6-Jul-74 Lucille Ball 
5) 2-Aug-75 Mike Douglas 
6) 17-Jan-76 Angie Dickinson & Earl Holliman 
7) 6-Nov-76 Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh 
8) 11-Dec-76 Valerie Harper
9) 8-Oct-77 Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond 
10) 19-Nov-77 Frank Sinatra 
11) 8-Apr-78 Alice 
12) 20-May-78 Three's Company 
13) 4-Nov-78 John Travolta 
14) 27-Jan-79 Katharine Hepburn 
15) 19-May-79 Cindy Williams & Penny Marshall 
16) 1-Sep-79 Miss America 
17) 10-May-80 One Day at a Time
18) 21-Jun-80 Robert Wagner & Stephanie Powers
19) 6-Sep-80 Richard Chamberlain / Shogun

20) 28-Mar-81 Johnny Carson

21) 25-Jul-81 Prince Charles & Lady Diana 
22) 19-Sep-81 Kate Mulgrew 
23) 24-Apr-82 Ingrid Bergman 
24) 3-Jul-82 Ted Knight/Too Close for Comfort
25) 5-Feb-83 Cheryl Ladd 
26) 9-Apr-83 Elvis Presley 
27) 30-Apr-83 Tom Selleck
28) 21-May-83 Bob Hope
29) 3-Sep-83 All in the Family 
30) 24-Sep-83 Three's Company 
31) 12-Nov-83 The Kennedys 
32) 21-Apr-84 The Far Pavillions 
33) 29-Sep-84 Mary Tyler Moore & James Garner 
34) 2-Feb-85 Sharon Gless & Tyne Daly 
35) 22-Jun-85 Nancy Reagan 
36) 27-Jul-85 Miami Vice
37) 26-Oct-85 Brokaw, Jennings & Rather

THE BIONIC WOMAN (Lindsay Wagner)

Still trying to locate many images. Known works include:


Feb. 1, 1986: Gary Coleman feature (Published after Amsel's death; was likely intended as a cover story.)

TVGuide.com paid tribute to Amsel's covers in its December 2nd, 2013 online issue, and I want to thank editorial assistant Elizabeth Wagmeister for providing me with a PDF.  She had reached out to me for help in researching the article.

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