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“Let Your Fingers Do the Walking…”

…and to follow up on my earlier post about Amsel’s unused art for NEW YORK, NEW YORK, the artist also sketched a cover for THE MANHATTAN YELLOW PAGES in 1973. This whimsical, delightful piece is obviously inspired by the great Maxfield Parrish:

The final cover selected was an illustration by Peter Max, with a psychedelic aesthetic that was considered controversial in some circles; more conservative New Yorkers, distrustful of such counterculture, reportedly feared the book may have been tainted with LSD! (Pity their fears were unrealized.)

Decades before the days of the internet, smart phones, and Google, people actually had to use printed material (you know, BOOKS) to find information.

The catchy slogan for the Yellow Pages were “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking…” Oh, the memories.


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