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Recently I did a round of interviews to discuss the status of the Amsel documentary, and elaborate more on the announcement of the development of a book on Amsel’s life and career. Some of these interviews have already been made public, and only now am I finally catching up! (In the days between doing the interviews and celebrating Christmas, I also got married and was vacationing on my honeymoon.)

The first of these interviews was with DAVE CLAYTON, for his podcast HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS. It’s easily the most detailed and candid conversation I’ve had about the project so far. What I thought would be a quick chat turned into a near three-hour conversation, though the final recording is slightly over 90 minutes.

Between Dave and me, about a billion names must have been dropped throughout the interview. Well, not a billion, but still a lot -- including Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, William Stout, Greg Hildebrandt, Erik Sharkey, Kevin Burke, Walt Disney, Don Bluth, Jason Palmer, Blake Armstrong, Kyle Lambert, David Edward Byrd, Jolino Beserra, Ann Meisel, JC Leyendecker, FX Leyendecker, Karen Allen, Frank Darabont, John and Andrea Alvin, and Bruce Vilanch.

And my interview with Dave was just PART ONE of an “epic two parter” on Richard Amsel. PART TWO was with my friend, artist PAUL SHIPPER, whose ongoing support of the project has meant the world to me.

You can check out the podcasts here:


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