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December promotion winners announced!

Thanks to everyone who donated to December's gift giveaway promotion for AMSEL: ILLUSTRATOR OF THE LOST ART. I truly appreciate your generosity -- including an anonymous contribution made through "Network for Good".

There were 4 prizes to giveaway. First was 1 custom art print of a person's choice, followed by a selection of matte prints of FLASH GORDON, THE DARK CRYSTAL, and LUCILLE BALL.

Entries were $10 each, and the winners were selected by randomly generated sequential numbers. They are:

1. Karl Reinsch 2. Raymond Yucis 3. Thomas Watson 4. Karl Reinsch Congrats, guys! I'll be reaching out to each of you to coordinate.

My apologies for the bad audio quality, my unkempt appearance, and especially my creepy, high-pitched Fred Rogers-meets-Satan voice.

To all those who donated, I'll be mailing out the remaining thank you packages in a few weeks. More promotions will be planned in the near future!


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