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Cutting the habit -- and the poster

Jeffrey Wells called out a little edit made to Amsel's MCCABE & MRS. MILLER poster on the HBO Max page, and it gave me a laugh. Warren Beatty's cigar has mysteriously vaporized. Beatty now has his right hand raised in a zen act of Tai chi.

(At least it wasn't replaced with a walkie-talkie, as Spielberg did to the rifles in the re-release of E.T. some years back.)

I'm not going to feign outrage here -- just use it as an excuse to comment on something remotely Amsel related. I'd be something of a hypocrite if I did so, too. I worked a number of years handling promotional artwork for Warner Bros.' titles, and I had to do my share of digital tinkering to classic movie posters. There were all sorts of rules regarding what could and could not be shown.


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