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Another Amsel rediscovery: Merv Griffin portrait

However extensive I've tried to be with my research into Richard Amsel's life and work, there always seems to be a new discovery (or, more accurately, rediscovery) that I'd never seen before. Such was the case with this Amsel portrait from 1971, of legendary TV host and media mogul Merv Griffin.

The images here are courtesy of Paul Devine, who wrote:

Hi, I have in my collection an original painting by Richard Amsel of Merv Griffin. I bought it from Merv's family after his death. I was told that it was painted for a TV guide cover that was never used. It reminds me how he painted the “Sting” inside the circle. ...

Indeed, there's a great J.C. Leyendecker influence with this portrait, which predates Amsel's similarly-styled poster for THE STING. It also predates Amsel's first published cover for TV GUIDE (1972), which makes me question whether or not this was an unused cover for that magazine. It's a great piece, regardless!

Very special thanks to Paul for sharing this!

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