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Onward and upward into 2018!

2017 is now coming to a close, and part of me just wants to shout out “Goodbye and good riddance!” There have been some dark times these past twelve months: I saw a vile, putrid, bloviating moron assume the leadership of the (allegedly) free world; I had some health issues; I lost my father, then had every imaginable, nightmarish dread come to pass while dealing with the traumatic aftermath.

But not all of it was woe. I had the ongoing support of valued family members and friends, a loving relationship and a decent job to ground me, more progress made with the documentary (most of which I’ve yet to write about -- including new interviews conducted throughout 2017 in five different states), and, at long last, some financial stability.

While I wasn’t as artistically productive this year as I had aspired to be, I’m grateful to have been published recently in two art books, and had work shown in two art exhibits – including one in Paris.

I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve made, and new creative contacts. I was able to befriend some literal legends this past year, and it's been terribly exciting and humbling.

I’m grateful to those who’ve stood by me through thick and thin, and those who've shared with me their wisdom and insight.

And I’m grateful to all of you – for your interest, your support, your kindness, and your humor. The journey is everything, and I’m grateful you're a part of it.

Onward to 2018!

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