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Project updates...and thanks.

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I’ve been busy with my job at WB, evening classes, and other personal matters. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any movement on the film. Quite the contrary… I’ve done a few more interviews these past few weeks, but have a lot more planned in the near future. I’ve scheduled another trip back east -- this time for extensive shooting in NYC – but there are so many people and places to juggle, I think at least a third trip will be necessary later in the year.

As things stand, I now realize that I’m theoretically more than halfway through filming, and it’s a bit jarring. I don’t want this part of the process to end. I’m still desperately trying to interview some key people, of course. (Calling Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Manilow, Ms. Streisand, Ms. Midler, and Ms. Tomlin – can you hear me? No, I’m not holding my breath…) But I have enough material in the can to complete at least a good portion of the film.

When will it be done? I don’t know just yet. These things don’t happen overnight; some documentaries take a number of years. I’m usually prone to gross impatience, but have resigned myself to giving this film what it needs – both creatively, and invested time.

It’s interesting to revisit some of my earlier interviews from over a year ago. There were things about Richard Amsel I’d forgotten, or didn’t understand fully until hearing more recent testimonials. Yet there are other things that remain either enigmatic, or uncertain – particularly in light of contradictory viewpoints. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, where not all of the pieces fit.

It would be the highlight of arrogance for me to ever assume to know what Richard Amsel felt or thought; rather, let the testimonials of those who knew him speak in his staid. All I can reveal at this point is how his creative genius matched the fascinating personality behind it.

I’ve heard so many stories about Richard Amsel and his work over the years, but I still feel a profound, indescribable void whenever I think of him. Perhaps emptiness is a better word. Amsel’s life was incomplete, and I doubt any film could give him – or us – fitting emotional closure.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support. Thus far, the Fractured Atlas and initial Indiegogo campaigns have raised a total of $4,635.32. That might seem modest in the scope of a full length feature, but every dollar helps. It’s allowed me to travel to the east coast for more interviews, as well as acquire and professionally scan a large collection of transparencies that are critical to the film.

Just as importantly, this project has allowed me to get to know a number of you. Your encouragement, enthusiasm, well wishes, advice...all are taken to heart.

There was a time when I felt the weight of the world upon my shoulders, but I realize that this project is a both journey and a gift. Newfound friends and goodwill have far, far overshadowed anything bad.

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