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Indiegogo campaign postponed - but perks are still available!

I was planning on relaunching our Indiegogo campaign this weekend, but in my heart, I felt that the timing just wasn't right. There are so many terrible things going on in the world, with so many people in need, that my seeking money for a little documentary pales in comparison to the plights of so many other, more pressing and important causes. I'm going to wait a little while until I feel a new launch would be more appropriate.

So far, the campaigns through Fractured Atlas and Indiegogo have collectively raised almost $4000 -- funds that have allowed me to acquire and professionally scan a large collection of transparencies, book travel to complete further interviews, license editing software, and more. Every dollar helps, and every dollar I'm grateful for.

The next few months are going to be very busy for me, with some really interesting interviews lined up. I don't want to jinx them by speaking too soon, but I can't wait to share the news with you.

However, in the meantime, we will still honor any of the perks from the original Indiegogo campaign through donations on our FRACTURED ATLAS page. Please contact me to confirm availability, and for details.

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