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My Indycast interview regarding Amsel!

Last Thursday I did a Skype interview with Ed Dolista for the Indycast blog. We discussed the Amsel documentary at length, and it was great to reconnect with Ed and the show again. The podcast is now live... You can listen to it here.

We discussed artists whom Amsel admired, later artists who were inspired by his work, and other wonderful people who've participated in the film. (Name dropping time: David Byrd, Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, Mark Raats, Paul Shipper, William Stout, Sam Jones, John Alvin, Steve Chorney, Bruce Vilanch, Judy Goldman and more.) I also talk about Erik Sharkey and Kevin Burke's respective documentaries on movie poster artists, to give credit where credit is due.

I was recovering from a respiratory infection, so listening to the broadcast makes for a great drinking game -- just count the number of times I gasp for breath, or take a dramatic pause in my vocal inflections. (Ed joked how much I sound like Richard Dreyfuss! I'd rather sound like Robert Shaw.)

I think they slightly trimmed only a small clip where I proposed "meteorotic" as a word, and attempted to define it, instead of pronouncing "meteoric" correctly.)

While I talk about the INDIEGOGO campaign, it's going to be relaunched shortly. In the meantime, we will still honor any of the perks from the original campaign through donations on our FRACTURED ATLAS page. Please contact me to confirm availability, and for details.

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