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Bob Esty - Disco Citizen

Last November, shortly before the documentary was announced, I interviewed legendary songwriter and music producer Bob Esty in his West Hollywood home. He's a memorable guy, to say the least.

I had previously spoken to Bob a number of times over the phone about the project, thanks to a referral from my friend David Byrd. It took us a few more months to finally arrange filming, but in the end I wasn't disappointed.

Bob Esty's a giant in the music world, having worked with such talents as Cher, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, and on the Disco-centric films ROLLER BOOGIE and THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY. Esty was also among Richard Amsel's closest friends, so I knew he was going to be a critical interview.

It was also a colorful one. What surprised me most about our discussion was Esty's unwavering ability to smile in the face of great hardships. He spoke lovingly of Amsel, and tenderly about his death, but also managed a sense of humor -- laughing as he recalled some funny stories about his late friend. (I might add that Esty's interview, along with Bruce Vilanch's, have pretty much guaranteed my film will get an "R" rating.)

Bob was also very candid about some of those great hardships. He's survived through them all, and remains busy with his creative endeavors, but is now facing yet another challenge -- and given his health and age, it's something many of us can relate to.

I hope you will visit Esty's YouCaring Page to help him through this difficult time. From the site:

Legendary Songwriter/Producer/Musician BOB ESTY has found himself in an unexpected transitional time of his life, and desperately needs our financial support...After decades of celebrating his music, we have realized he has NOT been compensated properly at all for promised Royalties and Credits that are long over-due him. This is heart-breaking given the fact of his Advanced Years, Serious Health Issues and his Housing currently in serious jeopardy...

We have secured a Top LA Entertainment Attorney who is aggressively going after what is legally due him...But, in the meantime, this great Maestro- who has given us the soundtrack of our lives with such classic Top Ten's as Donna Summer's LAST DANCE, Cher's TAKE ME HOME, Barbra Streisand's MAIN EVENT/FIGHT, The Weather Girls ITS RAINING MEN, etc. (Google His Incredible List of Accomplishments) needs any amount of contribution to sustain himself during this very challenging time in his Life. BOB ESTY has given so many the magical gift of music... Please help us give back to support him and his legal expenses... Anyone who has danced THE LAST DANCE- and there are so many of you- NOW IS THE TIME to show your Love & Appreciation ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH

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