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Amsel's unused art for CUBA

I've tried for years to find a good quality color image of Amsel's unused art for the 1979 Sean Connery thriller, CUBA. The best thus far was a small B&W photo from an auction catalog...

But now Judy Goldman, who was a close friend to the late artist, shared with me a color photo she took of the artwork during a Los Angeles tribute show to Amsel following his death thirty years ago.

Judy also shared with me some more recently discovered photos of her friend. I will not share them here, as they will be saved for her interview within the documentary.

I tried my best to take Judy's color image and overlay the B&W detail. The results aren't ideal, but they're the best I could do given what I had to work with. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to Judy for letting us finally see this remarkable art in color!

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