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There's been an obvious lack of updates to this site as of late, as most of my free time has been spent doing interviews for the documentary. Before the film's website launch a few months ago, I'd share pretty much any illustration-related news here...but now I'm being deliberately selective in what to include, and where. News on the film and it's production will only be addressed here sporadically, as I want to avoid double posts on two different websites.

I hope Amsel fans will subscribe to the documentary's newsletter, as shooting the film has been a remarkable adventure so far. There's been eight years of stories and testimonials I've been holding onto since this site first went live -- most of which has never before been made public. I want the film to offer audiences new discoveries (and re-discoveries), so I'm going to have to bite my tongue for a little while longer. There will be plenty of things to talk about in due time...

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