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About the site redesign & mobile view

When I decided to redesign the website, I knew there would have to be some compromises as well as benefits. I liked Wix's ease of use, and functionality with the image galleries. It also allowed me to create the site for free, with minimally invasive advertising; while I might upgrade my membership in the future, I wanted to first "test the waters" and see if everything went smoothly. There were two big setbacks, however.

First, Wix does not have the bandwidth to house the full sized, high resolution images on its own server, even with a paid subscription. As a workaround, all images are therefore backed up on my original site's web server, and links are provided to redirect select pictures to their respective, fully sized images.

The second issue remains a sticking point for many visitors: the site redesign does not accomodate many mobile platforms, and appears either jumbled or seriously cropped on some devices. For this, I apologize, but the narrow viewing field required for mobile devices was just too restrictive for the gallery layout I liked. I also felt -- very strongly -- that Amsel's images were best viewed on larger screens.

If you experience any issues on your computers, please let me know. I'm still trying to iron out the "kinks" and make the site the best it can possibly be!

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