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Christie's 2000 Masters of Cinema Art auction

I've just added a page detailing the 2000 Christie's auction, Masters of Cinema Art.

In June of 2000, Christie's held an extensive auction of original movie poster art outside the USC campus -- including works from Drew Struzan, Steven Chorney, John Alvin, Birney Lettick, Kunio Hagio, and Richard Amsel. I attended this event, which rekindled my interest in Amsel's work; it was also where I learned that Amsel had died, and how young he was. This stayed in the back of my mind until years later, when I finally decided to do extensive research and create this website.

The auction held 193 lots, including concept art, preliminaries, finished paintings and unused paintings. Only three of Amsel's works were on sale: preliminary sketches for THE SHOOTIST, Lucille Ball for TV Guide, and the final cover HEARTSOUNDS illustration for TV Guide, which sold for $9.400.

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