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​New TV GUIDE and ad images.

My dear friend Chris Smith, a lifelong TV GUIDE collector, recently uncovered two Amsel illustrations within back TV GUIDE issues. It's hard trying to track down such interior images, and these are something special.

The Gary Coleman artwork, from their Feb. 1, 1986 issue, was unique in that it was published posthumously -- less than three months after Amsel's death. I also suspect it was originally developed as a proposed cover story, but for whatever reason was postponed and relegated to a featurette.

Chris also sent me a pencil illustration ad for DYNASTY, which I'd never seen before.

Judy Goldman also sent me a snapshot of a CINEMA COLLECTORS ad that featured Amsel's illustration of Marilyn Monroe -- which I suspect repurposed his SEVEN YEAR ITCH poster. I remember seeing this ad when I was a kid, and even ordered a RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK poster from them because of it. Even at eleven, I was an Amsel freak. :)

Update! Randal Tolbert, a longtime Amsel fan, verified that this SEVEN YEAR ITCH image was originally used not for a poster but the film's reissue on laserdisc back in the 1980's.

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