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Bonhams' auction, "There's No Place Like Hollywood!" to feature Amsel's GWTW c

One of the fertility idols Indiana Jones hunted in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Sam's legendary piano from CASABLANCA, and Richard Amsel's original TV Guide cover illustration featuring GONE WITH THE WIND are among the treasures featured in Bonhams' upcoming auction, "There's No Place Like Hollywood," to be held in NYC on Monday, Nov. 24th at 1pm. I managed to get a sneak peek at the preview within their Hollywood location earlier this month. (Special thanks to Richard Atkins for the heads up!)

I must have taken over a hundred photos of the various items, but I obtained special permission to feature just the Amsel artwork photos here. Due to the location and lighting of the framed piece, it was hard to get a great snapshot without glare.

Update! Here are details from the Bonhams' catalog. I managed to buy the last softcover copy they had available when I visited that Sunday afternoon, and only got around to scanning it now. Unfortunately, this auction did not have a winning bid.

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