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"Thaddeus Thackeray" is official selection in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival...

My animated feature script, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY, is now an official selection in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.

From their press release:

KIDS FIRST! is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and we have an incredible event that has started to roll out – our 30th Anniversary KIDS FIRST! Film Festival – co-hosted by venues nationwide. The events will be a hybrid – a combination of live and online screenings, live streaming talent interviews and Q&A sessions, panel discussions and more – with an expected attendance of over 100,000.

KIDS FIRST! Film Festival is known for its showcase of extraordinary films made by and for children, ages 2 to 22. We feature creative, artistic, insightful, informative, humorous and thought-provoking films from filmmakers worldwide.

Our 30th anniversary selection contains an remarkable collection of animated films, documentaries, shorts and features. We have films by and about children of color, climate change and the environment, social justice, and multicultural awareness. Some films offer uplifting messages for kids trying to cope with the global pandemic. Others offer insight into a culture elsewhere in the world, showing how similar we are even though our traditions might be so different.


"THADDEUS" has now placed or received honors from nearly 20 different screenwriting competitions and venues, and currently ranks as the #1 highest-rated ANIMATED project within the "Winning Scripts" section of MovieBytes. (It also ranks #3 for COMEDY, and #8 for ACTION-ADVENTURE.)

On the screenwriting resource COVERFLY, it currently ranks in the top 1% of all animated projects, and top 2% of projects across all genres.

More information on my screenplays can be found on my COVERFLY profile, and the SCREENPLAYS page of my website.

Art by Jeff West:


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