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(Originated as a 30 minute short, later expanded into an hourlong TV Pilot and audio podcast.
(Horror/Dark Comedy)

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While driving through rural Pennsylvania with his fiancé, a young gay man survives a mysterious car accident. He reawakens later within the antiquated health clinic of a remote village. Completely immobilized from his injuries, and shut out from the outside world, the man begins to question the medical staff’s odd practices…and if his beloved fiancé is conspiring with them to do something sinister.

"Winning Scripts" rankings:

#1 HORROR TV Pilot

#1 LGBTQ TV Pilot

#3 Comedy TV Pilot

"This moves at such a great pace, and so much of the story is laid out with precision. The characters...are revealed slowly through their various (sometimes hilarious) conversations.... There are ample twists to make this a terrific pilot...."

-- Slamdance Screenplay Competition, 2021

“It’s a very original idea and you do well to keep the reader guessing … based on red herrings and circumstantial evidence of sinister intent. There’s definitely a Hitchcock in you. …


“There is a palpable sense of claustrophobia and paranoia dancing throughout this which really gets under the skin…”


-- Screenplay Contest, 2020


“Very tense and atmospheric... Manages to pull out a genuinely surprising ending... The characters are very good."


-- WeScreenplay Shorts Contest, 2021

"This setup is quite intriguing and the characters’ behavior leads the audience to believe something macabre is going on... Both Andrew and Chris have the foundations of strong characters, and it will certainly be interesting to see how things unfold... The dialogue is probably the highlight of the script, and each character has a defined voice from the moment they are introduced."

-- Screenwriting, 2021

"This is a fun read with a captivating story and unique vision. The characters have a lot of charisma and the world you’ve created in rural Pennsylvania is a great setting for a series. ...


"It’s really special to have the perspective and fresh experience of a leading queer cast. LGBTQIA+ couples are rarely are featured in the horror/comedy genre."


Screenplay & Web Series Festival, 2021

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