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IMPROPER DOSAGE podcast available / Horrorigins Selection

A short time ago, I wrote a short horror/comedy screenplay, IMPROPER DOSAGE, which went on to win a number of honors and awards at screenwriting festivals. This past September, it was an official selection in the HORRORIGINS FILM FEST.

I recently adapted it into an audio drama, and the folks at THE MORBID FOREST horror podcast quickly expressed interest in producing it. It's now available through various podcast broadcasters, or directly from the Morbid Forest team's website here. They featured it as their season finale, closing out 2023.

It's curious to see how other people take your work and bring it to life. While I gave them some notes and suggestions, I was not directly involved in the production at all. I'm usually a control freak, and consciously wanted to allow them the freedom to do their thing re: casting, sound FX, direction, etc...

Now that it's done, I think I share the common feeling among writers when having their work adapted -- the final result is very different from the specific vision I had in my head. It's not a bad thing, of's just very, very different.

I was told that this was one of the longer, more elaborate episodes they've done, though admittedly they're a modest operation. I hope you enjoy!

FYI, the original script was previously published by


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