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"Thaddeus Thackeray" finalist & Spotlight Award nominee, FRESH VOICES contest...

My screenplay "In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray" is now a finalist in the 2020-2021 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. It's placed among the top 5 scripts within the Family Film/Musical/Animated genre.

In addition, the script is also a nominee for their SPOTLIGHT AWARD, in the COURAGE & FORTITUDE category.

I'm proud of the accolades this script has garnered over the years, though I've never held my breath that it would result in a sale or option. This is an animated spec script, after all, so it's not like it could be produced on the indie circuit.

I intend to develop this into an illustrated novel at some point, as I'd hate to see it fade into oblivion.

More information on my screenplays can be found on my COVERFLY profile, and the SCREENPLAYS page of my website.

Art by Jeff West:


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