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"Thaddeus Thackeray" advances to ISA COMEDY semifinals

My script IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY is a semi-finalist in the ISA Comedy "Genre Busting" Screenplay Competition.

So just what is a "genre busting" screenplay? I'll let the ISA writeup explain:

Is there a comedy series that you didn't realize is also in the fantasy genre, such as The Good Place? And what do you do with movies that are perfect representations of comedy and science fiction, like Ghostbusters? These are genre busting comedies, works that defy traditional genre definitions. They are prized within the industry, as such works reach out to diverse, often underserved audiences. But they are difficult to find.

I felt that this description suited THADDEUS, as it's an animated comedy action-adventure that can't really be pinned down to just one genre.

I'm glad a lot of people seem to enjoy this screenplay. I just wish one of them would buy or option it!

More information on my screenplays can be found on my COVERFLY profile, and the SCREENPLAYS page of my website.

Art by Jeff West:


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