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United we stand.

Endearing little story to share with you tonight.

A young couple lives next to our townhouse with their two little children. I've chatted casually with the couple a few times, and found that we shared the same political leanings -- as well as shared apprehension over the (then pending) presidential election. So following Biden's speech tonight, I walked over to my neighbor's house with a little bottle of sparkling cider. I knocked on their door, and the wife answered. I handed her the bottle, explaining that I had intended to get them a bottle of actual champagne for the occasion, but, being lazy, I had yet to get around to it. I just wanted to give them a little something to celebrate in the meantime. The wife smiled, giggled, and immediately asked me to wait at the door. "Hold on," she said, "my husband has something we wanted to give you." I could see that they were right in the middle of dinner with a large group at their dining table. Her husband came over from their kitchen. He held a bottle of real champagne in his hand, and gave it to me. "We've been planning to give this to you," he said. I laughed and, in lieu of a handshake, we bumped elbows. This is a true story. It happened to me tonight, and it helped restore my faith in America just a little bit.

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