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Site updates, or how I learned to stop worrying and absolutely despise WIX.

Friends pose for a group picture after Xmas festivities;

My beef Wellington dinner turned out OK!

Happy new year!

2020 was off to a rocky start for me, as I spent it in the hospital. While I'm still on the mend, I'm thankful that 1.) I was at least feeling great through Christmas celebrations, and spent the holiday in the company of dear friends and soon-to-be family; 2.) My health issues were caught early, and didn't escalate too severely; 3.) I have decent health insurance, and a strong support system of loved ones to help with my care; 4.) My supervisors at work have been extremely patient and understanding throughout my absence.

Still, there were so many things I had planned on doing over the holiday break, and I'm depressed that I couldn't get around to them. I wanted to do some writing, painting, and filming for my documentary...but all I did was stay in bed for most of the time.

The only productive thing I've done this past week is make some long overdue updates to my website. In particular, I reworked the ART GALLERY page, and streamlined the ART HIGHLIGHTS slideshow to allow for "sub-galleries" of select pieces. I'm still going through them, and more updates need to be made; there are links to antiquated pages many years' old, and from the previous server.

Another update was a necessary evil, and I absolutely hate it. My website's blog had to conform to a new technical update mandated by the dunderheads at As a result, many images now appear awkwardly cropped. The previous blog allowed for images to be automatically shrunken and fitted proportionately, but that functionality is no longer available.

So yeah, thanks for the big fix, WIX. I hate you more than words can say, and your technical support team is a confederacy of dunces.


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