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More eBay madness

Well...this pisses me off:

I created this Indiana Jones-inspired "ROPE" pin over a year ago, and I occasionally sell a few of them on Etsy. Most are given away to friends as gifts. When an occasional pin turns up for sale on eBay, it doesn't bother me. Selling things is precisely what eBay is for, after all...

But this morning a friend gave me the heads up about this eBay entry from a seller named "the*collectors*collections", and it makes me furious. Why? It's not just because they've inflated the price almost three times more than what I ask's because the seller has falsely listed this as official Lucasfilm/Disney merchandise. They've even gone so far as to put it up with an Indiana Jones cardboard backing. This is deceptive, dishonest behavior.

NEVER do I try to pass off any of my fan-created work as official merchandise. For me to ever do so would be a lie. I also fear these types of listings could give the folks at Lucasfilm and/or Disney the false impression that I am the one responsible for these listings, when I'm not.

So thank you, eBay seller "the*collectors*collections". I've already reported your listing to the folks at eBay...and hope that word of mouth about your deceptive practices gets out there.

And for those who are interested in the pin, there are still a few left on my Etsy shop, under "AdamMcDanielArt". It's a lot cheaper, and has no false advertising.


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