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"Improper Dosage" wins at THE THING IN THE BASEMENT horror competition.

My horror TV pilot script, "Improper Dosage", aka THE BLEEDING SEASON, has won the BEST COMEDY SCREENPLAY at this year's THE THING IN THE BASEMENT horror fest. (You gotta love that festival name!)

So wait...what's a comedy award doing at a HORROR fest?

Well, for me it makes sense. I love films that blend horror and humor. AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and THE HOWLING are particularly strong examples of horror films with a great sense of humor, while SHAUN OF THE DEAD is essentially a laugh out loud comedy within the context of a horror film.

While writing the script, I deliberately set out to give the two lead characters a lot of funny dialog. They were essentially based on me and my (then) fiance, so I had several years of the witty/bitchy banter between us to cull from. In normal situations, I'm hardly what you'd call a comedian...but put me in a scary position, and I'll often rely on humor to cushion whatever anxiety and dread I'm feeling...

Unless it involves spiders. I can't stand spiders. They're evil, miniature monsters, and I've been meaning to invest in a flamethrower for when the creepy crawlers decide to come for me.

More on my scripts can be found on my SCREENPLAYS page, as well as my profile on COVERFLY.


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