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"IMPROPER DOSAGE" finalist @ contest; script to be published under their imprint.

I wrote a short horror script over the weekend before Thanksgiving, titled IMPROPER DOSAGE. It’s just been selected as a finalist in the Screenplay contest, and will be published in paperback and ebook under their imprint on Amazon in the near future.

The idea for the script had been dancing inside my head for a few weeks, so putting it to paper was a relatively quick and fun process. I had not written anything new in quite some time, so it was nice to feel motivated…and find the rare energy and enthusiasm to stay up all night writing again.

What makes the story interesting to me, personally, is that the two lead characters were largely based on me and my fiancé. Spinning our fictional counterparts into a horror tale (involving paranoia and the occult, no less) proved to be a genuinely creepy experience for me, as it mixes true life conversations with some pretty scary stuff. And I dare not reveal here whether my character turns out to be good or evil by the story’s end. :)

I initially designed it as just a short film, but I’m flirting with the idea of expanding it into a TV pilot.

More on my screenplays can be found through this page on my website, as well as my COVERFLY page.


“It’s a very original idea and you do well to keep the reader guessing … based on red herrings and circumstantial evidence of sinister intent. There’s definitely a Hitchcock in you. …

“There is a palpable sense of claustrophobia and paranoia dancing throughout this which really gets under the skin…”


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