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"Improper Dosage" advances to the top finals in CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS screenwriting competition

My horror TV pilot script, "Improper Dosage", aka THE BLEEDING SEASON, is now among the top finals in this year's CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS.

I've almost lost track of what I've submitted my writing to, but I recall this version of the script was in its earlier form, back when it was designed as a short.

The CWA have selected only 15 short scripts among the finals.

My writing has now received almost 30 honors or placements within screenwriting festivals in recent years...but, true to a massive dose of both reality, frustration, and humility, I have yet to get either representation or a single script sale from any of them. Sigh...

Per their website, the 14th annual Creative World Awards is a leading international screenwriting contest well known for having the writer’s interest at heart when it comes to development and industry promotion. The CWA vision is to help writers garner the exposure, development, and recognition they need to propel their projects and careers forward. CWA has built relationships with many of the industry’s most recognized companies. With several options and deals signed for past entrants, CWA has firmly established itself worldwide as a leading source for discovering talent in the entertainment industry.

More on my scripts can be found on my SCREENPLAYS page, as well as my profile on COVERFLY.

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