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Giving thanks, 2020 style.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What a year we’ve had. Dare I wonder what other things are in store for the remaining weeks? Should we all just keep our fingers crossed?

My 2020 experience began with a hospital stay, followed by several weeks of recuperation (where I was either bedridden or limping). In late summer, my time at Warner Bros. came to an end due to extensive company restructuring. Far-reaching changes there are still being made, and I’m sad to see that it’s impacted a number of my friends.

In early October, the Bobcat fires spread to the mountainside near my home. We prepped luggage and cat carriers in the event we had to evacuate; our neighborhood was on emergency alert for two weeks. The smoke was so severe that it was difficult to breathe even indoors with air filters on.

Pictured above: The Bobcat fires as seen from my house.

And then there’s COVID. As with most things I truly hate, I’m tempted to address it by writing something scathing and sarcastic…but it’s hit too close to home for my making any jokes here. Three people I knew personally have died from it, and a growing number of my friends suffered (or are continuing to suffer) through it. That it’s put more filming for my documentary on indefinite hold seems trivial in comparison.

But still, I’m thankful. Thankful that I had health insurance to seek out medical care. Thankful that I left Warner Bros. on very amicable terms, and can afford to take some much needed time off. Thankful that -- so far – most of my closest friends and family have evaded the virus. (We must still be diligent in taking every precaution possible… Which is why my fiancé and I are celebrating today just between the two of us.)

My greatest thanks for 2020 go to the hundreds of firemen and rescue workers who saved my first home purchase from going up in flames, as well as to the untold number of medical first responders and scientists throughout the world, who have been fighting to save millions of lives from a pandemic…even in the face of political stupidity and sociopathic hubris.


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