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Berned out.

Throughout my adult (voting) life, I don't think any other politician "spoke" to me as well as Bernie Sanders, nor held views and hopes that were as well aligned with my own. I'm sad to see him drop out of the Presidential race, but certainly understand his reasoning from a tactical perspective regarding the current Trump Presidency.

Had Sanders gotten the Democratic nomination four years ago, I also think today's world would have been a much better, safer, and just place to live in.

Unlike other prominent Democratic figures on today's stage (Elizabeth Warren and Hilary Clinton included -- people forget that both women were former Republicans), Sanders' ideology and message have been pretty consistent throughout his life. And while many often cite his energy as the epitome of political chutzpah, you have to give the guy credit for having some serious cajones. Call him abrasive, perhaps, but never call him insincere or lacking in compassion.

You may be out of the race, Bernie, but please -- never, ever, give up the fight.


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