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Welcome to Haddonfield / Halloween

It's been ages since I painted regularly, so I needed to perform a little "warm up" to try to begin finding my groove again. (As if I had a groove.)

This small (roughly 9x12") handpainted piece will be featured in the Welcome to Haddonfield 5 Exhibition at the Sugarmynt Gallery in South Pasadena, CA, celebrating the HALLOWEEN horror film series.

The show opens next Saturday, Sept. 7th, from 7-10pm. I'm planning to attend. Limited prints of the above artwork will be available, along with the original.

The gallery is located in a small converted house that previously operated as a candy and consignment store. With the area's history related to the now-legendary John Carpenter slasher classic -- the gallery itself sits behind the very same "Michael Myers House" seen in the film's opening, and the neighborhood was a major location for both the 1978 original and Rob Zombie's remake -- the gallery is definitely a fun landmark for horror film buffs.

I love the neighborhood, and make an annual pilgrimage there each Halloween season to walk around the various locations used in the movies: the Myers' house (now a chiropractic office), the hardware store (now a restaurant), the Laurie Strode house, the "Hedge House" (where Myers stalks Jamie Lee Curtis and company early in the film), etc... The city also has an excellent farmers' market each Thursday afternoon, and lots of restaurants and shops nearby. Keen movie buffs won't have to walk far to find other key locations used in such films as BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE TERMINATOR, THE PLAYER, and SCREAM 2.

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