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The Secret Movie Club / Vista Theater screening

I'm so honored to have my artwork featured in a limited edition poster for Secret Movie Club's upcoming screening of THE SECRET OF NIMH at the Vista Theater in Hollywood Feb. 9th. Posters will be up for sale at the event, as well as through their site.

I've adored this film nearly all my life, and it's wonderful to see my work help celebrate it, even in a small way. This is an old piece back from 2001, but I'm glad that it's received so many compliments over the years (including from animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman)...

I had actually offered to create an altogether new illustration for this event, but the program organizer expressed how happy he was with the original art.

It turns out, this made my life much, much easier. I recently bought a new home and the process of moving was absolutely exhausting. I have so much damn stuff, and am still unpacking. All my books and art supplies are still in boxes, and it will be a few more weeks before I'm finally settled.

But nothing helps get someone off their ass faster than an impending deadline. I'll be doing more posters for Secret Movie Club in the near future, so, ready or not, I must to return to the drawing board. I've been away far, far too long...

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