"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" art

For Secret Movie Club's screening of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT at the Vista Theatre in Hollywood, I did two poster designs.

Above was the final design, which was done in about 2 days. It didn't quite come out the way I hoped (my art seldom does), but it was good to whip out my airbrush again for the first time in several years. I was inspired by Bob Peak's unused poster design of Timothy Dalton in License to Kill -- something colorful yet simple and stark.

The first design was an all-digital image using a cutline technique, which took a few hours. (The smaller image here may not reproduce the line effect as well as a full, printed size.) The management admitted that they wanted something a little more similar to what I'd done for THE SECRET OF NIMH -- something more impressionist, and illustrated by hand. Which was understandable. This was the first "new" art I'd made in a long time, and the experience of getting back to the drawing table (after a rather exhausting home purchase and move) was, in itself, a happy reward.



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